6 Maintenance Tasks Sellers Shouldn’t Neglect

If you’re a homeowner, you already know that keeping your home in optimal shape requires regular and persistent maintenance. Once your house is up for sale, you may disregard housekeeping as no longer your responsibility. But such negligence could prevent a happy ending.

Indifference in maintaining your home could result in home defects that could eventually chase off prospective homebuyers or otherwise decrease your property value

Maintaining your property shouldn’t seem burdensome. We’ve highlighted six (6) essential maintenance tasks that you can’t afford to neglect.

1. Keep your home exterior tidy

There’s a reason why people judge a book by its cover. Seeing is believing. And that applies to your home. If your home’s outward doesn’t seem clean, people won’t find it appealing enough to look inside. Uproot ugly grasses and weeds, clear the driveways and walkways—overall, clean your surroundings to keep your environment attractive.

2. Examine the roof & clear the gutters

Clogged gutters can leave an unpleasant impression in the minds of homebuyers. At the same time, overflowing gutters will cause drainage problems and ultimately ruin your property’s foundation. Also, take note of roof leakages as rainwater could penetrate and damage your ceiling and wall. If you’re looking to seal the deal, you can’t afford to ignore this maintenance aspect.

3. Verify your heating and cooling systems are working

Have a professional check out your HVAC systems to ensure they’re in good working conditions. Dust and dirt could affect the air quality indoors. So make sure to also clean out your home’s air ducts, fireplace, and chimney.

4. Block animal entry

The goal here is to prevent pests and other property destroying animals from entering your home by sealing entry holes and passageways. Consider using mesh wire and other home improvement tools and supplies to block vents, for instance. The earlier you attempt to fix this, the better. Anything too late, and you’ll end up paying far more to rectify the situation.

5. Clean your windows

Dirty windows could be a huge turnoff for potential homebuyers. When a prospect sees your house, they should immediately feel at home; even better, feel like moving in instantly. Your window is an aspect of your home that adds to both the exterior and interior appeal. Make sure to clean them.

6. Be mindful of seasonal tasks

Depending on the time of the year, whether spring, summer, or winter, you shouldn’t overlook some maintenance tasks. Beware of the little things that prospective buyers may interpret as property negligence—for example, leaving furniture outside your porch or deck during the winters. Store your snow blower during summer and rake up surviving winter leaves in the spring. In general, take note of the season and act accordingly.

It’s a “no brainer” that the finer your home looks, the better your chances of closing a sale deal. Carrying out these maintenance tasks will give your home an appealing look, preserve its value, and sell it faster.