What Our Clients Say About Brian Guffey & Associates

"Brian is exactly the type of Realtor you need."

I had already bought two houses and sold one when I met Brian Guffey. While my previous Realtor was okay, I just knew there was something missing. So my husband and I decided to interview a minimum of three Realtors. When we met Brian, it quickly became apparent to both of us how much we had been missing. We knew he was the right choice because from our first meeting, Brian was a straight shooter.

Some of the best things about Brian may be simple and obvious, but they were applied in just the right combination to add up to a positive experience with the right outcome: 1) He knows the business and he is smart; 2) He is easy to work with; 3) He and his staff were in constant contact with us; and 4) He went the distance to help us sell our house.

While all house selling situations are different, Brian quickly understood our specific circumstances and responded accordingly. Brian does not approach house selling with a one size fits all solution. He not only advised us on how to stage the house, he actually assisted us through the entire process by helping to hire painters, landscapers and a repairman and by showing up at the house while they were there to make sure they did a great job. He even loaned us furniture to improve the staging look and feel. Once the house was on the market, Brian and his staff provided top-shelf marketing, with full color, high quality brochures, marketing within the neighborhood, open houses, and of course, plenty of online marketing. Even in a tough market, when we sold the house we got top dollar. 

We truly believe that it was Brian that made that difference; simply put, Brian worked harder with and for us to achieve our desired outcome. In the current market, Brian is exactly the type of Realtor you need and we would recommend him highly. We are soon in the market to buy a new house and we are honestly looking forward to working with Brian again.

Lisa P. & Bob N.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Proactive & Professional"

If you are looking for assistance with buying a new home or selling your existing one, I would strongly recommend using Brian Guffey with Atlanta Communities. Brian recently assisted me in selling my home in Inman Village.  When he asked me to send a letter on his behalf, I gladly accepted because I am a fan of his work. Brian’s suggestions, attention to detail, extensive knowledge, follow through and caring attitude made the entire process very easy for me. Probably the most helpful and memorable part of dealing with Brian was his proactive follow-up. He was constantly asking me “What else can we be doing for you to help you sell this home?” Plus, his team of people working with him were equally proactive and professional. They all went far beyond the typical expectations of working with a realtor.  They handled everything including very actively marketing the property, redecorating where needed, bringing in contractors to fix needed items, lining up details for closing – even vacuuming the carpet before an open house. They really put forth the extra effort to expedite the process and make it stress free. I have also learned from others in the industry that Brian has an excellent reputation for his professionalism and working to meet his client’s needs and exceed their expectations.  

If you or any of your family and friends are in need of a real estate agent, I recommend calling Brian at 404-636-0995.

Ryan O.
Atlanta Home Owner
"I will use Brian to find any real estate I want"

Brian has been a licensed Realtor since 2001. He has sold over 500 houses in his career, and continues to be a strong salesman even in this trying economy. Brian’s primary objective is to provide the very best in customer service to each and every client.

His insightful suggestions, prompt follow-through, keen attention to detail, extensive knowledge and caring attitude all work in concert to ensure a smooth transaction. An in-depth understanding of client needs allows Brian to not only meet, but exceed client expectations.

Lisa P. & Bob N.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Brian is exactly the type of Realtor you need."

My real estate agent was Brian Guffey. In the end, I was so thankful I worked with him. His expertise is anywhere inside the perimeter of Atlanta. He was simply great. I am so picky, and he was quite patient and diligent with me over a 4 month period in which he took me by/in around 100 houses.  His commitment was just as strong in the 4th month as it was in the 1st month and he definitely was helpful throughout the legal process. He knows many different areas, and he is more committed to finding a place that fits you than making a sale. As long as I am in Atlanta, I will use Brian to find any real estate that I want. 


Ryan D.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Astounding Success"

I recently had the good fortune to work with Brian Guffey & Associates of  Atlanta Communities. Each member of the staff in that office was wonderful. I always received excellent customer service. Each person, without fail, was courteous, responsive and very helpful.  It was a big plus that my house sold quickly and for the approximate amount that we had established.  However I do believe that my assessment of this team would have been the same, even with less astounding success. They are to be commended. 

Karen B.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Works with honesty and integrity."

Brian Guffey truly cared about helping us make the best decision regarding the most important purchase of our lives. He works with honesty and integrity and pays attention to all the details so you don’t have to. He pours his heart into every detail from house hunting to the closing. He sincerely wants you to be happy with every decision that is made. He won’t just tell you what he thinks you want to hear–he gives solid advice based on research and experience.

Tania S.
Atlanta Home Owner
“Outstanding job Brian, Stephanie and staff!”

In a difficult economy, and challenging weather conditions, it was a tenuous time in the real estate market to maintain curb appeal and remain a “cut above”. You knew your market, introduced our property with enthusiasm, and kept the momentum going with a steady flow of agents and homebuyers. Communication is key in any successful sales endeavor, and we felt “well represented” in marketing, sales and office administration right up to the end.  Stephanie, you’re simply the best, and we could not have made it without your attention to detail.  We will highly recommend Brian Guffey and Associates to anyone considering selling their home. Thank you team – well done!

Jack & Cristine
Atlanta Home Owner
"He is the best."

I can tell you that he is the best and that is the kind of people I like to work with! 

Alex R.
Atlanta Home Owner

Mr. Brian Guffey, with Atlanta Communities, is a very professional and dedicated realtor. I had my house on the market for almost a year with 2 other realtors but without any offers. Brian was recommended to me, and what a difference! Brian studied the house before our interview and reviewed all the comps, and summarized his findings for me. He also helped me to prepare the house to make it more appealing from the street as well as staging the inside.  Within two weeks I had an offer and another back-up offer! He is amazing in his knowledge of the real estate market. He also walked me through everything from the offer to the closing and answered all my questions right away. He even went out of his way to meet a Salvation Army truck to remove some of my personal belongings! He treated me as though I had a multi-million dollar home which shows his dedication to all of his clients. I will always refer friends and others to Brian. Thank you, Brian.

Jenny G.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Extensive Knowledge"

We had our home on the market for quite some time. We think it’s absolutely great that we can now say our home has SOLD with the assistance of Brian Guffey & Associates of Atlanta Communities. For about five months, we had our home listed with another realtor. As you may suspect, we grew very frustrated when our home hadn’s sold during this period of time, and we decided to change realtors. After a lot of thought, we decided to give Brian a call to see what he could do to help sell our home.  After meeting with Brian, we knew he was the realtor who could sell our home. Prior to placing our home on the market, Brian spent a significant amount of time working with us to prepare our home for sale. Brian’s suggestions, attention to detail, extensive knowledge, follow through and caring attitude made the entire process easy for us. and he sold our home in a relatively short period of time.  If you or anyone you know is looking for assistance with buying or selling a home, we strongly recommend that you give Brian Guffey & Associates a call today!

Pat. T.
Atlanta Home Owner
"Unending Commitment"

Brian Guffey has earned all my real estate business, now and in the future, because of his professionalism, proactive sales process, and his unending commitment to getting my house sold and finding me an even better place to live.  I first met Brian when I was selling my former home. He had sent me a postcard about another house he had sold in my neighborhood. I was thinking about selling my home and so I called him. It was the best call I could have made. Brian came to my home, having done all the research on my home and neighborhood. He gave me helpful suggestions about how to stage my home to show all it’s best qualities. He and I came up with a plan, which he executed with professionalism and flare. He had a contract on my home 3 days later.  Brian then was instrumental in helping me find my new home. He talked with me about my “Must Haves” and “Would Love to Haves.” He researched neighborhoods that he thought would meet my needs. We finally found my Dream House and then the hard work began. It was not an easy process, getting the contract completed, inspecting the house, and getting the former owners out of the house. Through the whole process Brian was calm, thoughtful, energetic and demanding. He was a true advocate for me the whole way through, even in the face of the toughest obstacles.  Brian has earned my business for life.

Heather G.
Atlanta Home Owner